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About Boulder Outdoor Products

Where is Boulder Outdoor Products based?

We are based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

How long has Boulder Outdoor Products been selling roof top tents?

We have been in the business of manufacturing roof top tents since 2016.

Shipping Questions

How long will it take for my order to be shipped

We ship all in-stock items on the next business day. Actual shipping times can vary greatly depending where you are located; however, it is extremely unusual for any shipments to take more than a week. Small parcels typically take 1-3 days across Canada. Freight (tents, larger fridges, etc.) can range from approximately 2-5 days depending on your location.

Do you offer local pick up?

Yes, local pickup is available from our Calgary warehouse free of charge. We are currently working on establishing more local pickup warehouse locations across Canada to help you save money on shipping.

How are the Boulder Outdoor Products roof top tents shipped?

We ship roof top tents through LTL freight using power tailgate trucks. This greatly reduces the chances of shipping damage, and allows the delivery driver to easily unload the tent at your location.

About Boulder Outdoor Products Roof Top Tents

Will a Boulder Outdoor Products roof top tents fit on my vehicle?

Our tents are designed to work with any vehicle, big or small, so long as your roof rack meets our mounting requirements. These requirements are outlined below.

What kind of roof rack do I need to mount a Boulder Outdoor Products tent?

Nothing too fancy, you only need a simple roof rack with 2 cross bars.

 Just make sure that meet all of the following requirements: 

-Square, rectangular, or oval shaped "aero" bars

-Nothing protruding above the cross bars (IE. cargo basket, antenna, etc.) 

-Maximum cross bar width of 3.5" 

-Minimum distance of 30" between the rack's towers, or "feet" 

-Minimum 36" long cross bars 

-Spacing of 24"-36" between the cross bars 

-A dynamic weight rating that meets or exceeds the combined weight of the tent, any bedding or cargo stored inside the tent and any other cargo installed onto your rack. 

-A static weight rating that meets or exceeds the combined weight of all tent occupants, the tent, any bedding or cargo stored inside the tent and any other cargo installed onto your rack.

Contact the manufacturer of your roof rack if you are unsure about the dynamic and static weight ratings.Do not exceed the weight ratings provided by both your rack manufacturer, and the vehicle manufacturer.

How much do the Boulder Outdoor Products tents weigh when installed?

Empty weight of Whipsaw tent: 125 Pounds 

Empty weight of Alexander Mackenzie tent: 135 Pounds

The weight of your tent when installed with vary based on what you store inside it. You should weigh your tent fully loaded to ensure it does not exceed your roof rack's or vehicle's weight ratings.

Can bedding and sleeping bags be stored inside the tent?

Yes it can. We recommend using down fill bedding as it easily compresses while the tent is closing. Heavier synthetic fill bedding can be used as well, however it may limit the amount of bedding that can be stored inside the tent

Can the tents be set up to open to the rear of the vehicle?

Yes, they can. However, it is usually more favorable to have the tent open off the left or right hand side of the vehicle. This reduces wind resistance and prevents any interference with rear lift gates or truck canopy windows.

What is the warranty on the Boulder Outdoor Products tents?

We offer a 1 year limited warranty. Please see our instruction manuals for the full warranty statement and conditions.